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User Centered Design – putting together the Puzzle

Puzzles, personality and marketing

Yesteryear’s primary marketing technique was blasting a single message on paper to a general audience of prospects. Handed down as inviolable law, marketers unquestioningly used it … as they walked barefoot uphill five miles each way to school in blinding snowstorms.

In the 1920s that Carl Jung and William Moulton Marston observed the strong connection between people’s personality traits with their thoughts and behavior.

Fast forward another few decades and companies started applying this behavioral knowledge to profit-making businesses. Marketers began experimenting with separating their target markets according to their primary personality style, including typical purchasing behavior. Not surprisingly, segmenting helped purchasing percentages rise dramatically.

We love puzzles of all kinds – word puzzles, brainteasers, jigsaw puzzles – bring them on! That’s why Vertical Insite visualizes each client’s marketing strategy as a communication puzzle we can solve: connecting with the right people through the right messaging to give them what they want.

Our design approach includes personality type audience analysis and user centered design. These psychographic profiles describe the attitudes and perceptions that your users have about the world and about the subject matter of your site in particular.

Taking into account the results our clients want to achieve through their website and marketing campaigns but also what the user wants to get out of it as well. This allows Vertical Insite to incorporate user centered design creating an intuitive website that speaks to our client’s ideal customer persona. Bringing to the forefront of the websites layout the elements that gets their target audience to take action.

In addition Vertical Insite creates an effective multi-dimensional marketing campaign that appeal to your customers’ purchasing behavior. Then we place these messages carefully using the most appropriate media – Internet articles, public events, print ads, social media, direct mail, telemarketing and others – to develop demand and purchasing urgency for your product or service in your target audience.

Industry studies show that most people need at least seven “touches” or encounters with a product or brand before making a purchase decision. Using numerous media tools in combination helps you reach your target audience with precision –where they are most receptive. Vertical Insite excels at identifying the right people, then delivering the right messages and connecting to create demand for your product or service.

Let’s puzzle out your company’s complex marketing issues together and see how profitable target marketing and user centered design can be for your company.

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