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Relationship Marketing

Town and Country Enterprises have been creating beautiful landscapes for over 35 years. Due to their busy seasonal work, educating both current and new customer to all the services they offer proved most difficult. As a result, their marketing and advertising was falling through the cracks.

So it was time to take their image up a notch and create a brand that was noticeable and would work to promote all their services. Vertical Insite provided what they were looking for to increase their relationship marketing with their current customers. To increase warm referrals and repeat business through these relationships. Vertical Insite started by creating a strategy that utilized all the ways they reached their customers; whether through snail mail, email invoicing or on site estimates, “We’re in your area” neighborhood notifications, postcards and leave behind brochures. We wanted to educate their current customers and use the opportunities of invoicing and sending postcards to cross sell other Town and Country services that they may not know they offer. It is also state law that if you are spraying for lawn care on a property you must notify all houses within a certain distance – so why not use this as an educating and sales opportunity. Lastly we created three brochures that fulfilled multiple marketing needs that focused on their three main areas of service: Lawn Care, Maintenance and Landscape/Hardscape Design.

So how do you create relationship marketing material that reaches that desensitized consumer and create a brand that will grow over the next few years. Vertical Insite thinks you should add the personal touch while recognizing the consumers “pain” and having fun with it! Instead of using images of stock photography lawns, which are quickly overlooked. Vertical Insite created mascot characters that spoke to the consumer directly. If the message didn’t catch you’re eye the characters sure did! We also pulled in the personal element with images of the owner and his son. People are more likely to trust and build a lasting relationship with a company when they can see who they are dealing with and like we said most communications are done on the phone and online any more.

In conclusion, finding ways that you can build on the relationship with current customers, reach the new customers and educate them both. Creating a look that maybe doesn’t take itself too seriously and will help take the guard down of that oversold consumer.