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Optimax Systems Web Based Sales Quote Software

Known around the world for being on the cutting edge of Optics, Optimax Systems needed a website to reflect their rebranded logo which called for a new online persona.

Vertical Insite’s focus was to push our client into creating more than a brochure website. With the addition of the Web Based Sales Quote Software (Online Estimator), Optimax is the first in the optics industry to expedite the pricing process. As a result, they will- prototype optics in a week. Vertical Insite worked with the Optimax team to integrate their pricing calculations into an online pricing calculator in a highly secure area of the site which blocks any competitor from seeing their calculation process. The Web Based Sales Quote Software also needed to be by “invitation only” with a yearly charge; allowing their sales team to work in conjunction with the Online System to track and follow up with the customer and increase Optimax’s ROI of this part of the project.

If the Optimax customers have any doubt of their credentials in their industry, then they need only click to view the Optimax ”in Space” animation. Vertical Insite added this feature to dazzle the viewer and showcase where Optimax played a part in missions from Mercury to Pluto and on numerous other NASA space missions. This update took the place of the original animation done in 2008 by Vertical Insite in Adobe Flash, which is no longer compatible with all computer systems. Now built in Java, the animation is viewable across all browsers and operating systems.

Finally, the ability for the Optimax team to easily update their website including banners, news, content and videos provided them with a tool they had to have. Vertical Insite built a fully updatable system in Word Press that not only meets the requirements of a content management system but we creates custom animations and plug-ins that added a unique look to the Optimax site and set it apart from just your standard Word Press themed site.

“When Optimax needed to upgrade its website, the Vertical Insite team listened to our concerns and objectives, then created a progressive site that pushes past what is currently being done in our industry by providing loads of technical information with interactive pages and videos to help prospects and customers understand our full suite of optics manufacturing capabilities. As an example they helped us develop web pages such as the Optimax Manufacturing Tolerance Chart which clarifies reasonable manufacturing tolerances; as well as a Web Based Sales Quote Software called The Estimator, which allows customers to input parameters of an optic and adjust tolerances to optimize cost versus performance and get an estimated cost of their optic. They also created the Optimax in Space animation which showcases where Optimax lenses are helping mankind witness events and landscapes in missions across our solar system.”
– Rick Plympton, CEO