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Kids Out and About – Re-branding Strategy

Corporate Rebranding
Kids Out and About (KOAA) is a fast growing online resource for kids and families that grew tired of the quality of design work they were getting through multiple companies. The ladies wanted to rebrand their company with a look and feel they could use for all types of marketing and media from coast to coast.

They brought in Vertical Insite in 2011 on some small print projects and were amazed by the creative and versatile designs we were coming up with. From there, Vertical Insite was asked to create a whole re-branding strategy. We designed a concept to brand each location KOAA is in with a cartoon drawing of a child. This child who we worked to make suitable to reflect the children in that area of the country would grace banners, displays, local advertising and would eventually lend itself to social media and the companies online national map.

Website Redesign and Mobile Specific Design
In the few short years Vertical Insite has been working with them, KOAA went from representing four locations in Upstate NY to expanding to 18 locations throughout the country. This expansion called for a re-brand and redesign of their current website to allow for standard national advertising-sized banners, constantly changing content and a mobile specific design.

Before we got started, the team at KOAA engaged in a market research study to ensure Vertical Insite had a good grasp on what was most important to the average site visitor. For example, how they preferred to search, how we could best place advertising that was helpful with little annoyance to the viewer and still enticing to the advertiser to purchase. Vertical Insite took all this into account when redesigning the sites look and flow. The selling of advertising space is key for KOAA but they don’t want to be obnoxious about it to their viewers. So we made sure to have a good mix of important content, advertising space and of course a fun and friendly look and feel.

While redesigning the new KOAA website, KOAA decided it was important to target a mobile specific site which would contain events coming up within the next 24 hours and within a certain distance from your zip code. For the re-branding strategy Vertical Insite worked with KOAA to create a simplified design of their full site that pulls from the full site’s content and be more streamlined to the “family on the go’s” needs.

The overall re-branding strategy with all the pieces together set Kids Out and About apart from their competition across the country. With Vertical Insite’s new branding and marketing designs, KOAA is looking professional in a fun fresh way and continues to expand every day.