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Exele Information Systems – Multi Directional Marketing

Vertical Insite worked with Exele Information Systems to capture the attention of potential customers for Exele TopView Software who will be attending upcoming Industry Tradeshows using multi directional marketing through postcard mailings, promotional material mailing and LinkedIn Advertising. Influence them to visit Exele’s tradeshow booth. Update Exele’s company website look and feel to be both informative and pleasing to the eye. While maintaining its ability for the client to be able to update the website easily and use it for upcoming marketing opportunities that allowed them to “sell” to their potential customers without being overly pushy.

• Progressed into: Updating the company brand and company product logos.

2) What action had the customer taken?

• Exele had purchased two Lead Generated lists that were targeted to the Industry that would be visiting the upcoming Tradeshows.

• Exele also had a very high placement in Search Engines in their targeted industry and we did not want to hinder that.

3) What did Vertical Insite do/deliver?

• To get a grasp what Exele TopView product is and to make sure we were on the right track Vertical Insite brought in industry copy writers and worked with the Exele team to get the message and sales strategy down for our marketing campaign. Once we had identified our clients customers “pain” we came up with a strategy to capture their attention. Using Multi Directional Marketing including a staggered postcard mailing over a month and a half period before the Industry tradeshow and then ending with a three dimensional marketing mailer. The three-dimensional marketing piece, a TopView branded alarm button, was also worn and given out at the tradeshow to tie things together. Increasing the Exele TopView brand awareness in their industry and it was a great conversation starter.

• As the Exele TopView marketing campaign was being implemented, Vertical Insite and the Exele team had a chance to flush out the messaging and layout of the new company responsive website; creating a site that did not lose the informative nature of the current company website but presented Exele as a leader in their industry with a new professional look, more cohesive navigation and a subtle but still present call to action on each page. Throughout the process, the new design evolved through simplification and feedback from the Exele team. Vertical Insite created a website that our client is proud to show off and Exele can easily update and create landing pages for upcoming promotional marketing projects.

• Throughout the process of redesigning the company website and creating the pieces for the marketing campaign, it became evident that the Exele company logo and their products could do with a bit of an update. In addition, it brings an overall cohesiveness to the brand. In the end over 10 logos were created or “refreshed” to the delight of the Exele team.

“As part of a product and company marketing effort, Carrie was recommended to us as we planned a redesign of existing marketing materials, new marketing initiatives, and a new web site.

As an outsider, and as someone who thinks differently than our group of engineers and programmers, Carrie brought a fresh perspective on how to present our message and image to existing and prospective customers. Carrie designed a multi directional marketing campaign including a new and eye-catching logos for our software products, lead the design and execution of new targeted mailing material, and was the lead designer and program manager for our new web site. Her experience in these areas was welcome as we made decisions in each area – she never hesitated to express concerns or extoll the benefits of the various choices that we faced. In the end, the produced marketing material and web site have been well accepted within our company and by customers. Existing partners and customers have given us unsolicited positive comments on the redesign, with some of them asking for Carrie’s contact information as they look at similar redesigns.“

– Dane Overfield, Exele Information Systems, Inc